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Traditional Kodokan Judo

It is 130 years this year that Dr. Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, established the Kodokan in Japan. October 28th, also coincides with his birthday. The 3-day event, scheduled for 27-29 October 2012, in Jesi (Ancona) in Italy, aims to bring together and unite the genuine followers of Dr Jigoro Kano’s judo, the Traditional Kodokan Judo.

The event is jointly organised by the Federation of Traditional Judo of Italy (FIJT) and Judo For All UK (JFAUK) under the auspices of World Judo Federation (WJF) that has enshrined the very concepts of Traditional Kodokan judo and “judo for all” in its founding documents.

Seminar, Course & Contest

The seminars, courses, and the contests planned by the organising committee will be conducted under the guidance and recommendations of the European Technical Committee of World Judo Federation and in adherence to the concepts of Traditional Kodokan Judo.

The organising committee invites all members of WJF and other judo formations supportive of the principals laid down by Dr Jigoro Kano to join us in Jesi (Ancona), Italy in October 2012 and to participate in our common initiative to revive and reinvigorate judo and the best that it can offer to all.

All details of the program, registration and contact forms are made available on

We look forward to seeing you!

Italian Federation of Traditional Judo (FIJT)

Judo For All UK (JFAUK)


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