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International Martial Arts Games (IMAG)

Report regarding the conduct of the 2013 International Martial Arts Games (IMAG) & Judo Tournament – Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Between the 10th & 11th May 2013, the IMAG Committee held the 5th IMAG in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.  Earlier this year, Dr Paul Hoglund (WJF Vice President – Europe) made an application to affiliate with the IMAGC on behalf of the WJF.  As a result, the Australian Kodokan Judo Association (AKJA) was requested to host a Judo Tournament as part of the event on behalf of the World Judo Federation (WJF).  On Thursday 9th May 2013, the IMAGC accepted the WJF as a full member of the organisation.

Friday 10th May:

This was the first day of competition which included the World Karate Confederation World Championships and the International Tae Kwon Do Federation Championships.  The venue was the State Netball & Hockey Centre in Royal Park and an excellent facility for the event.  There were 5 karate tatami established for the event along with a Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu contest area.  Teams from a number of countries attended the tournament with the main teams being from USA, Russia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Germany, Korea, New Zealand & Australia.

During that evening, Mr Zavetchanos (CEO of Australian Kodokan Judo Association), Mr Hoglund and I were able to meet and discuss current WJF issues and matters pertaining to the IMAGC affiliation.  Dr Hoglund had travelled to Australia from Sweden for the event. 

Saturday 11th May:

The Judo Tournament commenced at 11.30am with all players originating from Australia.  Because of the short notice to host the event, it made it difficult to arrange visa’s etc for international players in time.  Players were from three States of Australia, (South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria).

We had 14 events which included weight groups in the U13yrs U16yrs, Cadet & Senior divisions with Open weight groups for each of the age groups.

The contests were fierce with some excellent techniques being displayed, mostly by the cadet & senior divisions.  The standard of Judo drew the attention of the crowd including those present for the Karate and other martial arts.  TV Media was present and filmed numerous bouts from the tournament.

The tournament finished at 4.00pm with the presentation of medals which were very good in style.  The medals were presented by Mr Ri Jong (Secretary General of IMAGC), Mr Zavetchanos 8th dan & CEO of the AKJA and myself.

Dr Hoglund said a few words to the players and spectators at the conclusion of the event about the inclusion of the WJF into the IMAGC and the overall standard of contest etc.


The Judo event ran smoothly with no complaints and inclusion in the event was a plus for the WJF and the AKJA.  Organisers of the Judo Tournament received compliments from the organisers of IMAG on a good tournament and the standard of judo displayed.

The placing of the competitors is attached for your information. 

Kind regards,

David Gordge
President – AKJA
Vice President - WJF



Australian Kodokan Judo Association

Office:   P.O.Box 74 Moreland, Victoria, AUSTRALIA, 3058.  Ph: 001 61 3 9383 2244

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