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JFAUK Junior Championships Report

The JFAUK Junior National Championships held on the 28th April, 2013 at the Sobell Leisure Centre, in London, was very well attended and proved to be yet again very successful.

The Championships this year, reflected the core of traditional Kodokan judo values and its spirit, and was well received by the competitors and the public. The JFAUK and the European Contest Rules which were used were a good example and a refreshing reminder of how good judo should be fought.

Much praises were given to the refereeing of all the contests and for the ease and the smooth running of the tournament.

It is now very clear that the new contest rules and its simplicity complements our style of judo and furthermore assist our refereeing with better clarity. Neither a complaint nor injury was recorded on the day.

JFAUK believes that massive progress is now in hand demonstrating that mutual respect and a level playing field to both contestants while engaging in contest is supported by the quietness and serenity of the spectators. We now have no shouting, screaming, nonsense coaching and all the circus activities around in the contest area, which we believe undermines the philosophy of our judo.

The children were outstanding following instruction from the referee following tradition and formalities and many produced very impressive Ippon style judo, in standing and in groundwork skills.

JFAUK sends a message of thanks to all its officers, Referee’s table officials and organising committee for their hard work and dedication in helping to host this important event. A job very well done, thank you.

We extend our gratitude and thanks to all the clubs and the participants for their time and effort in traveling to be part of our tournament. We specially say thank you to the Welsh team (Gendros JC) who traveled a long way, participating with some excellent judoka who conducted themselves with a mature attitude.

On our journey for a better judo we are finding many new friends from near and afar that we have found to share the same common beliefs, and step by step we are growing. For more pictures see:

Better keeps on getting better. We look forward to your participation soon!

Please follow our initiatives and join us in our future programme and events on our web site.

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